Find a Collaboration

Whether you’re looking to join an existing community partnership, or you just want to learn more about how nonprofits are working together across Colorado, check out the Colorado Collaboration Database. Search for active Colorado partnerships by keyword, look for collaborations serving a specific Colorado county, or find collaborations that are accepting new partners.

For each collaboration, you’ll see details about: how and why they were formed; the partnership’s structure, purpose, and goals; outcomes and results; and plans for the future.


[Note – portal is no longer online!]


Creating and Revising the MOU

In a collaboration, a written agreement – a contract, MOU, or another type of formal agreement – is an important tool for building long-term stability and success. The Colorado Collaboration Award has created the MOU Toolkit to help partnerships create sound, comprehensive, flexible agreements.

More Resources

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Wilder Collaboration Factors Inventory: This free online tool will help you assess how your collaboration is doing on 20 research-tested success factors.