Eligibility FAQs

Q. Who is eligible to apply?
A. See Eligibility Requirements for eligibility guidelines, or if you’re interested in applying for the 2015 Colorado Collaboration Award, start the Eligibility Self-Assessment.

Q.Our collaboration includes partners that are government agencies, businesses, etc. Are we eligible to apply?

A. Yes, as long as at least one partner is a Colorado-based 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, and that partner serves as the “‘lead organization” for the application.

Q.Our collaboration serves areas outside Colorado. Are we eligible?

A. Yes, as long as the collaboration’s service area includes Colorado, and the collaboration itself is based in Colorado.

Q. Why does our lead organization’s nondiscrimination policy need to include “sexual orientation” and “gender expression”?

A. The Colorado Collaboration Award strives to promote best practices. This requirement was proposed and adopted by the award’s steering committee, a diverse group of Colorado funders and capacity-builders, who agreed that this requirement is in keeping with the spirit of the Award itself.

Visit www.ColoradoNonprofits.org/gender-expression-policy/  to learn more about this requirement.

Q.Our lead organization’s nondiscrimination policy does not include “sexual orientation” and/or “gender expression.” Can we still apply for the 2015 Colorado Collaboration Award?

A. Yes, if the lead organization adopts this wording as part of its nondiscrimination policy – and submits the new policy as part of the application – by the application deadline.

Q.Why must a collaboration have been in operation for 18 months in order to apply?

A. Although factors like formation, purpose, and planning are considered important for a successful collaboration, this award places a strong emphasis on evaluation and results to identify highly successful collaborations. At least 18 months of operational history are required to help ensure that award applicants are able to demonstrate sustained impact and benefits from collaborating.

Q.Why must a collaboration have a written agreement, such as an MOU or contract, in order to apply?

A. The purpose of the Colorado Collaboration Award, in addition to recognizing an outstanding collaboration each year, is to identify exceptional collaborations that can serve as replicable models and examples of best practices for others. The award steering committee agrees that having a written agreement is an important best practice. Although some collaborations may be successful without a written agreement in place, the Colorado Collaboration Award regards a written agreement as an important element of a replicable, successful collaboration; it helps ensure that a collaboration can survive changes in its environment or key people, and is an important tool for building long-term stability and success.

For more information about the requirement for a contract, MOU, or other written agreement, see What is an MOU?

Application FAQs

Q.Where can I see the application questions?

A. Applications for the Colorado Collaboration Award are accepted through the online application system only. If you are considering applying, preparing to apply, or would just like to learn more about the award, click here for a list of the application questions.

Q.What will I need to complete the application?

A. In addition to providing responses to overview and narrative questions, collaborations are asked to provide several attachments. Click here for a list of documents requested as part of the application.

Other FAQs

Q.What is the timeline for the 2015 Award?

A. The deadline for award applications is 5:00 p.m. MST March 13. Click here for the Award timeline and important dates.

Still have a question?

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