For more information about the screening and review processes, please see Screening, Review, and Selection.

Screening Criteria

See the Eligibility Requirements for a complete list of screening criteria.


Review and Selection Criteria

A team of nonprofit, foundation, business, and government representatives will review applications based on the following criteria:

  • Depth of collaboration
  • Demonstration of significant impact
  • Innovation in addressing a specific challenge or opportunity
  • Relevance as a model other nonprofit collaborations can replicate
  • Effectiveness of community engagement
  • Operation in accordance with nonprofit and collaborative best practices


During the review process, eligible collaborations will be reviewed according to the criteria listed above. The review is based on responses to the narrative questions of the application, as well as any relevant attachments. (For instance, a collaboration’s score for the Budget section may be based on both their narrative and any budget documents they upload as attachments.) Applications are scored by:

  • Formation (5 points)
  • Structure (15 points)
  • Purpose and Goals (25 points)
  • Results to date (40 points)
  • Planning (5 points)
  • Anticipated challenges and opportunities (5 points)
  • Budget (5 points)
See the application questions for more in-depth information about the narrative questions and attachments.