Application Tips

Applying for the Colorado Collaboration Award? Here are some tips for a solid application.

  1. Have someone else review your application before you submit it. (Even better: ask them to double-check your application against this list of tips.)
  2. Don’t get screened out! Screening is the first step an application goes through, and ineligible applications don’t advance any further. The complete screening checklist:
    • Overview questions completed with relevant text
    • All portions of narrative are completed with relevant text
    • Collaboration is based in Colorado
    • Collaboration serves Colorado
    • Includes a lead organization (for the application) that is a 501(c)(3)
    • IRS letter submitted is no older than 2010
    • Submitted current written agreement(s) (i.e., MOU, contract, or merger agreement)
    • Current agreement(s) describe the partners’ roles and responsibilities.
    • Current agreement(s) are signed and dated by all partners.
    • Current agreement(s) describe the collaboration’s structure.
    • Submitted written agreement(s) dated Sept 2013 or earlier
    • Pre-Sept 2013 agreement(s) describe the partners’ roles and responsibilities.
    • Pre-Sept 2013 agreement(s) appear to be signed and dated by all partners at that time.
    • Pre-Sept 2013 agreement(s) describe the collaboration’s structure.
    • Nondiscrimination policy submitted from lead applicant
    • Policy includes “gender expression”
    • Policy includes “sexual orientation”
    • Is this collaboration eligible in for the award? Mark “No” if ineligible for any reason.
  3. Answer each narrative question completely. Each narrative question consists of one or more sub-questions, and a complete answer should address every one of them. For instance, the narrative question about Structure asks:
    • How is the collaboration structured, including its management structure?
    • How are decisions made and conflicts resolved?
    • How are the communities that you serve involved in the design, decision making and leadership of the collaboration?
  4. Collaborations come in all forms, shapes and sizes. Some features of yours may not fit precisely into the Collaboration Award’s definitions or assumptions. (For example, maybe your collaboration consists of a few key partners who share leadership responsibilities, but you also have a few dozen agencies with whom you work on outreach or referrals. You may be stumped on a question like, “How many partners does your collaboration include?”) The most important thing to do is to choose consistent “working definitions” for your application, and stick with them. You can use the narrative section to elaborate on your responses and share key details that you couldn’t address in the overview questions. For assistance, please contact us at
  5. Be honest! Don’t be afraid to share your collaboration’s past and present challenges.