Update: Collaboration Award ending in 2015

The Colorado Collaboration Award steering committee has decided that 2015 will be the final year in which the award is offered.

2015 marks the award’s fifth year. Going forward, the Collaboration Award funders, committee members, and supporting organizations will keep the Collaboration Award’s momentum but shift their focus to more capacity-building and support efforts.

Since its creation, the goals of the Colorado Collaboration Award have been:

  1. To raise the profile of nonprofit collaboration by offering a $50,000 prize to an outstanding collaboration each year
  2. To increase awareness about successful collaborative models, and to share proven effective practices.

Over the past five years, the award has been very successful with goal #1, raising the profile of nonprofit collaboration. But there’s much more work to be done! The steering committee believes that it’s time for goal #2 to move to the forefront. As we head into 2015, we’ll be looking for new ways to support and strengthen collaborations in Colorado.


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